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About Us

About Us

Kevin Removals Kft. has been providing professional serviceson the whole territory of Hungary and the European Union since 1997. We have extended our range of services with domestic and international removaland with some related comfort services during the year of 2005.

We assist our customers and partners facing a removal or transportation with our professional services, right from the survey through the family pets’ safe transportation until the whole execution.

Our high quality services also include the removal of complete offices and warehouses for which we can provide packaging materials of excellent quality.

The members of our administrating and moving staff have several 10 years of experience and skills on the field of removal, this way we can guarantee the professional work. Our employees with foreign language knowledge assist our clients who do not speak Hungarian in the undisturbed communication.

We are at service of our present and future clients with a free site survey and consultation so that we can prepare a competitive price quotation.


During our services we lay extra emphasis on the clean and undisturbed work and the application of the relating technologies of selective waste management.

The services of our company and the applied materials and technology complies with the regulations of the Hungarian Norms and the requirement system of the European Union and they flexibly accommodate the requirements of the international organisations too.

All of our colleagues on directing and controlling levels consider the organisation, fulfilment, documentation and repeated control of the daily duties as their elementary task. Their purpose is to meet the basic function, fulfil the requirements of the clients to the full.

Our devices, vehicles and their facilities were developed according to the standpoints of a fast and professional removal.


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