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Office move

Office move

For companies moving to new offices, time is money and speed is the most decisive factor.

It is essential that interruptions to business are kept to a minimum and staff is free to concentrate on work.

With Kevin Movers, a contact person will be responsible for your company’s move from start to finish and takes care about waste materials and recycling.

We will tailor a quote for you accordingly. Take a look at our storage, extra services and our removal supplies and equipment.

Temporary storage of surplus furniture is a prudent way of managing assets. The storage services we offer our business customers include photographing and cataloguing all items and, if necessary, reporting on a weekly basis. This guarantees that you will always know the type and quantity of items in storage. We can also quickly retrieve for you any of the stored items, as necessary.

Get in touch to find out more, and let us take care of your all company move!



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